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Andrew Scott, better know as Drew, started Running Wild SA as a natural progression that grew out of his passion for trail running and nature. Drew embraces the concepts of minimalistic running and is most comfortable in his Xero running sandals and VIVOBAREFOOT running shoes, skipping and bouncing along the Garden Route on the countless trails in the area.

The aim of Running Wild SA is to offer a full range of barefoot shoes so that the entire family, from kids at school to parents at work and the athletes among them, are well kitted in products designed with the understanding that to mess with nature and the way we were designed is counter-productive.

We have adapted as a species to run. Thousands of years of evolution has produced the ultimate design in running efficiency. As runners we are perfect in every way. Running Wild SA supports and promotes the concept of 'keep it natural'. The products found in our range support the bodies natural rhythm and function of the foot, encouraging natural movement and muscle development.

Running Wild SA is constantly looking for products and new ways of getting the best equipment and advice out to you. Our philosophy is to promote nature as the leading guru in style and form.